Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Malaysian women in nation building efforts

Malaysian women given vital roles

Malaysian women are proud to have obtained their rights and still practice their religion in a modest culture. How did this balance happen, and how can other Muslim countries learn from this when it comes to women’s rights?

All Malaysians, regardless of their gender, have roles to play in moving the country forward. Barriers that prevent women from taking part in nation-building efforts have been successfully removed. The communities have reached the consensus that women have vital role to play in ensuring the country achieves progress and prosperity.

Our Vision 2020 stated that Malaysia will achieve a developed nation status while maintaining our religious and culture values. This has always been our faith where pro

gress and values must move forward together hand in hand. By doing so, we make sure that all the people without prejudice of their gender, are able to achieve prosperity while maintaining our religion and values. And again, this has been a unique achievement that we are always proud of.